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10 QTY Extended Black Lug Bolts 14x1.5 (45mm Shank Length) Ball Radius Seat for Audi TT A3 A4 S4 A5 S5 A6 S6 A7 S7 A8 S8 B5 B6 B7 B8 Volkswagen Jetta Golf GTI R32

Quick Overview

These are EXTENDED lug bolts.
These are NOT OEM Length.
These are meant to be used with wheel spacers.

Fits many 5-lug Audi/VW Vehicles.

2005-2016 Audi A3
1996-2016 Audi A4
2000-2016 Audi S4
2008-2016 Audi A5
2008-2016 Audi S5
1996-2016 Audi A6
1992-2016 Audi S6
2016 Audi A7
2013-2016 Audi S7
1997-2016 Audi A8
2001-2016 Audi S8
1999-2016 Audi TT

1992-1994 Volkswagen Corrado
1993-1998 Volkswagen Golf (V6 Only)
1999-2015 Volkswagen Golf
2004-2009 Volkswagen R32
1993-1998 Volkswagen Jetta (VR6 Only)
1999-2015 Volkswagen Jetta
1998-2008 Volkswagen Beetle
2007-2011 Volkswagen EOS
2009-2015 Volkswagen CC
1990-2015 Volkswagen Passat

Important Notes:
- CHECK SEAT TYPE: There are two different seat types for bolts (cone seat and ball seat), which is dependent on your wheels, please verify correct seat type before purchasing.
- VERIFY SHANK LENGTH NEEDED: Please take the necessary measurements to ensure you are purchasing the correct shank length lug bolt for your application.

- Professional Installation Recommended
- Be sure to torque the lug bolts to manufacturer specifications
- Avoid using an impact wrench; improper usage may cause damage to components
- Check and re-torque after 25-50 miles of driving

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